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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  March 16, 2013 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> cinderella stockings. >> i like americo and adam would like a couple founded the company and couldn't find a uhaul and business is still booming. >> i get it. it strikes me as an execution nightmare. i hope you know something about it that the couple is really good. >> like anybody in his family had to use a uhaul. what are you doing these days? >> brook field. neal, it is paying a nice dividend and a good
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opportunity. >> inexpensive for a reason. looks like a sitting duck and i would not touch it. no growth. >> of the freedom continuous on this place for business. you are watching fox. >> will conserve tiches pick paul ryan to win the cpac straw poll. they are praising his new budget plan and has a lot less spending than the president's budget plan and 4.6 trillion less. enough to balance the budget by 2023. some in forbes say it doesn't cut enough. i am david asbin. welcome to forbes on fox. we'll have elizabeth and john, and rich and mike and mark . john, democrats pick the plan and say it cuts too much . you say it cuts too much. >> a balanced budget is not
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small government. under this plan it will increase it in 2023. it will be 1. 4 trillion. it is versus the sphendings . ryan thinking it is small government and he thinks it is bad politics. it is reducing the burden of government and this will expand it. >> mark, john has a point here. the ryan budget averages out to 1.1 trillion. that is more than what we are sphending now with president obama. >> it actually cuts too much. >> it is over the trillion years. and it cuts in areas that we shouldn't be cutting. we should be expanding areas where scientific and education and areas that create jobs and ryan is in fantasy land. it will never get enact would
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and if it did, it is unrealistic and out there in disneyland. >> rich, doesn't it say a lot about where this country is we are using cut and ryan budget planned averaged 14-- are . 4 trillion a year. >> george orwell is probably spinning in the grave with the abusive language. i agree with john. i lost a lot of hope in my boy ryan. he and the republicans should unite behind a single word "freeze." . don't get in debate that is rile up people like mark . freeze the darn thing. let the percent of federal spending go down to 18 or 19 percentage of gdp and we will boom. >> i don't know if mark is only one rile would.
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what and rick think? >> it is not how much hoar how little. one sentence that tells you everything you need to know about the budget. one short sentence on page 56 of the ryan budget that reads. this budget proposes to reduce federal autofleet by 20 percent excluding the department . defense. it is okay to cut cars in the federal budget. but not 20 percent of the automobiles sitting outside of the pentagon. that is the falsity of the budget. if you want to cut but don't exclude defense. it is making pretenses that are not real. it is none sense. on nonsense. john said the ryan budget is than what we are spending it is it a huge increase. >> it is an increase . the cbo put out the numbers. equal to two-thirds of the entire gross product over 10
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years and that's what we are adding. i like ryan and i am a fan of his and attempts to balance the budget. but you have a budget where al gore's lock box looks better. you have to the say a second. we are spending now, a lot of money for the worst economic growth, country like ireland and canada and swed yen finland. best way to get growth is cut. get the economic back in the economy. >> and mike, for those who believe that is too big right now. is this the best we can do? >> no, david. we should be doing much better f. wement to look at history at times when the country most prosperous. it is it always government spending relative to gdp lower than larger. last president to preside over prosperity was bill clinton. he got spending down to 19
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percent gdp. this doesn't come close. >> look beingament the spending in 2009, there is it a big increase because of the stimulus and it doesn't go anywhere. we have a permanent amount much spending. president spinding 20 percent. is that not enough for you? >> it is not enough. we need to be sphending more on the economy right now. >> 75 percent of the private sector or what. >> it comes back and starts adding more jobs. >> that make sense. >> david,, we are now looking at basically cutting back. >> emac, that is the point what mark is saying, you help the private sector by taking more from the private sector. that is the only way the
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government gets money. >> taxes are going up to pay the interest costs in all . debt. >> buyer's remorse over all . treasury. you have to say these are the smartest guys in the room. if they are not liking the balance sheets and what they are doing. and that is a -- your deal is not with numbers. >> the ryan numbers don't add up. >> you think the numbers add up >> we have seen them. we saw how it is it spent. i am not talking about pie in the sky. he increased the size of the government 20 percent. is it working? >> you would agree we would see the deficit come down. >> you think it is it a good size. >> it is not a good size but
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it is getting better. we are focusing on the ryan budget. i have to hammer say what you will about paul ryan. he's supposed to be a leader in this area and the budget so disingenious. >> wait a minute. wait a minute. paul ryan has been a leader since the 80ings . the president said my goal is not to balance for balance sake. how do you get a fiscal responsibility into government with a president like that? >> john, hold on a second mark. john, unfortunately you are not leading the republicans right now . it is somebody, paul ryan who put forth a plan that said it is insufficient. where do republicans go? >> where they go, it is not the ryan way. you don't get back in thity. a basic point. g.s do not create jobs.
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g.s only create jobs in so far taking resources for the private sector. they take jobs in microsoft or solyndra. >> manna from heaven only once from heaven. thank youang. is work wiping you out? notice worries, bosses are saying take a nap on the job. why doesn't this have a lot of folkings sleeping easy? [ engine sputters ] [ dennis ] allstate wants everyone to be protected on the road. >> hello everybody. i am live in washington. right now conserve tiches are meet nothing washington in the cpac conference. republicans are meeting to define their priorities and message and goalings.
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coming up in 2012, it is message is muddled with the brand needing a remake and others saying it is fine. we have a lot of republican stars on the stage and we have texas senator ted cruz and plans to introduce the woman who ran for president former alaska governor sarah pail pail. >> they want us to shut up. the nain - main stream mediaments conservatives to accept defeat. the main stream mediaments us to be timid and hide in the corner and the main stream media is convinced that woman cannot be conservatives. and if they are, they especially cannot shoot really big guns and hunt grizzly bears and moose.
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legality me tell you, that's why governor sarah pail pail drives the media stream bat crap crazy. [ applause ] it shakings up their entire world view and you know what, she can pick winners. [ applause ] sarah pail pail jump would in early and supported rand paul. she supported marko rubio. she cemeteried tim scott. - supported tim scott. she supported paught toume. and she supported nicky halle. and this last election cycle
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there were three republicans who won new seats. debfisher and jeff blake and myself, she supported all three of us. . you [ applause ] let me tell you something, i would not be in the u.s. senate today if it were not for governor sarah pail pail. -- palen. she is fearless and she is principled and she is courageous and she is a momma grizzly. i give you governor sarah palin. ♪ >> thank you so much .
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thank you so much ted cruz. >> thank you . the senator is the key note speaker and he would lower himself to do an introduction for a hockey mom. i am so honored. thank you senator cruz. all america, send more like ted cruz. please, we need him. he's coming from alaska sister state of texas, ted cruz like a good texan, he comes to town and chews barbed wire and spits out rust. that's what we need . i just thinking how much i like texas. one reason, they don't mess around with our second amendment rights. [ applause ] all of this stuff coming
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lately from the white house to take away the good guy's freedom and right to protect ourselves with the most naive notion that the bad guys who ignore the laws that they will all of the sudden follow the new laws it is not about the bad guys. it is it just that chunk much metal did the crime. that is like saying that fork made me fat . background checks and learning about the thinking. more background checkings, the idea mr. president should have started with yours. [ applause ] well, it is great to be back
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at c-pac. it feels like it is coming home even though it is my second time here. i am getting the hang of it. i can spot the liberal media folk here to write their annual conservatives in crite story. how many much you guys are here. raise your hand. come on. raise your crowd. you are loud. we are used to it and certainly you are not ashamed to raise it high. don't worry we would never dream of making awe wait outside on the party bus. it is an honor to be here. we can come together folks for an adult conversation about the future of our country and heaven knows we need so much of what passes as our national conversation these days is anything but. remember no drama obama?
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if only. now it is all drama obama. we don't have leadership coming out of the washington. we have reality television. [ applause ] it is bad reality tv and the american people tuned out a on long time ago. entertainment tv is a good description of what is going on in dc. it feels like a put on at every event feels calculated to fool us somehow. every speech sounds like a con. washington politicians, too many of both parties focus on the process of politics instead of the purpose of politics which is to lead and to serve. even our guys in the gop have a happen of reading the stage directions. especially these days.
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they are too scripted and calculated. they talk about rebottomeding the party. how about rebuilding the middle class? they talk about rebranding the gop instead of restoring the trust of the american people. now, we can't just ignore though, we just lost a big election. came in second out of two. second position on the dog sled team is where the view never changes and the view ain't pretty. but we need to figure out then our job. what will we do next? as we go about that and talk to one another and listen to what the speakers have to say.
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we are not here to rebrand the party. we are here to rebuild a country. [ applause ] we are not here to dedicate ourselves to new talking points coming from dc. we are not here to put a fresh coat of paint on our party. we are not here to abandon our principles in a contest of the government give aways, that is it a game we will never win. we are here to restore america and the rest is theatrics and sound and theory it is just making noise . that sums up the job president obama does today. he's considered a good politician which is like saying bernie madoff was a good salesman. the difference being the president is using our money. you know, i spend most of my
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time in fly over country. the heart of the are the had land of america, i have news for the permanent political class in washington, while they are busy worrying about their own political future, things are bad out here. nearly 8 percent unemployment rate doesn't begin to capture how bad things are. even the dismal rates announced of point one percent of the economic growth doesn't tell the story of the pain that americans feel. our president fancies himself as the champion . middle class. yet since he came on the scene, those lucky enough to have a job. they are working more for less. the median income of families has dropped over $5000 since 007 . job creators are being
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punished. it costs $100 to fuel up your truck. it compts tens of thousands to send your child to college. man, the price of the case of diapers today. these prices and the cost and the impact on the american family budget and while the middle class americans, we are breaking their budget, the democrat-control would senate refuses to pass a budget. that how many years ago that they did? how many trillions in debt ago? all in violation of article one section 9 much our u.s. constitution. no budget for four years? [ applause ] no budget for four years is not just burrcratic bungling. refusing to pass a budget is government refusing to declare
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what it intends to do with the people's money. barack obama promised the most transparent administration ever. barack obama, you lie. [ applause ] >> there is a direct correlation between the senate stubbornly refusing to pass a budget and the senate selfishly agreed to spend our children and grandchildren's money. no budget is notice leadership it is time for americanings to get so outraged about this. never before is our challenges so big and our leaders so small. [ applause ]
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now, when we were here last year, the word on everyone's lips and you know the wish in your heart for barack to pack her up and clubs and high tops, and head on back to chicago. well, the election came and went, but the campaign never stopped. alt a time when our country is desperate for leadership we get a permanent campaign. but here's the thing. leaders take risks for the good of our country and campaigners make promises they can't keep. leaders reach across political differences and campaigners double down on those difference campaigners seek to divide and conquer and orchest trait crisis after crisis to exploit.
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mr. president, we admit it, you won. accept it now step away from the teleprompter and do your job. [ applause ] >> the permanent political class is in permanent campaign mode, so where do we go from here? one of my idoms. lady margaret thatcher offered this advice after her party lost in the poll. she told fellow conservative not to get lost in abstract debates and she advised conservatives to focus their
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concerns on the people. looking at every problem from the grass roots and not tom looking down and cautioned conservatives to not go wobbly on their. i argue aman -- amen sister. >> just think about it. alt a time when washington is so powerful that 7 . 10 high evaluate income counties in the city. allow yourself to imagine leadership that deans to understand us little people clinging to our god, and guns and constitution in the grass rootings . imagine leadership that actually takes seriously the idea of government of the people by the people for the people and imagine leadership
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that knows how to prioritize to insure national security and stop government waste. that is leadership that would have as its guiding light and great north star. our u.s. constitution. friends, it is no accident that opening words are "we the people" and while we are dreaming, imagine leadership that respects the second amendment to the constitution. [ applause ] the majority of merrence want this. - americans want this. is it any wonder that there a run for guns and ammo for christmas presents considering the politicians attack on the second amendment. you should have seen what todd got me for christmas. well, it not that exciting it is it a metal rack case for a hunting rifle to put on the back of a four wheeler and i
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had to get something for him to put in the gun case, right . so this go around. he got the and i got the rack. [ applause ] bloomburg is not around. we are cool. >> it is just pop with low cal ice cubes in it. i hope that is okay. what did you think was in it? yeah, you young college
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republicanings are supposed to -- i am so proud of you guys, all of you, college republicans there on campus were so bold in your -- [ applause ] all right, you guys keep your courage up and my only pieceful advice because i am a momma my only piece of advice, you have to be thinking sam notm adams . and that's a joke. i don't want to hear from the ceo of some brewery accusing me of being anti-beer. it a joke. you guys keep up your good work though. seriously though friends when we see harm and life snuffed out and that is it a
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leadership that doesn't seek to exploit tragedy . imagine a leader that seeks solution to the violence and not cheap gainings. that would be leadership worthy of the name and of the words "we the people" creating of, by, for the people . it ralse means ending the poisonous practice of treating americanings of different social and ethnic religious groups as different electorates and to be pandered to with different promises. [ applause ] if we truly believe the words other founding documentings of the declaration of independence with world changing assertion that all men are created equal, then there are no hids're hispanic issuings and africa-american issues and women issuings.
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there are only american issues. [ applause ] now c-pack forward to be effective and in order to have power to change things for the better. as conservatives, we must leave no american behind and we must share our powerful message of freedom and liberty to all citizens,ine those who may disagree on some issues, because they are a solid common ground in finding against government overreach and for independent happens and those who may disagree with us on some issues, they are not our enemies. they are our sisters and brothers and neighbors and
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friends. it is it imperative to reach out and share the message of less government and liberty and lower taxes. it is time to stop preaching to the choir and let's grow. [ applause ] america has one party that is expert at pitting roots against one another. we will never win a contest of identity politicings and we shouldn't even try. if believe in america is more than a campaign slogan, we have to believe in america's exceptionalism and achievement. no one is guaranteed success but everyone is guaranteed an equal opportunity at success. [ applause ] you know, the greatest lie
9:32 am
that the liberals tell is that more government is the way to realize this guarantee. there is a simple reason why washington d.c. is an island. when expaneleds, it is the well connected that benefit and the more government intrude in the our lives and businessings, the more it pickings winners and losers and the more crony capitalist win, the more the rest of the us lose. whether it is green energy or free obama phone, if you don't have a team much lobbyist in dc or cash a contribution check you are not on the table. you are on the menu. [ applause ] if mrs. thatcher were with us here today, she would remind us, there is it a difference
9:33 am
between being pro business and pro free market. there is no mistaking where conservatives stand. it is time for we the people to break up cronyism and put a stake in the heart too big to fail once and for all. [ applause ] that incluppeds in the resource rich state like alaska my home state. read your constitution, alaskians realize that the national resources that god created, they are not owned by the conglomerates and the monopolies. they are owned by the people. they don't own them. don't let them own you. you have a right for resources to be developed and so where are you? ending the top down approach much dc means changing our top down political process. the next election is 20 months
9:34 am
away. now is time to furlough the consultants and talk to the political strip. if we know what we believe, we don't need professionals to testimony us. [ applause ] -- tell us [ applause ] and if we truly seek to know the hearts and minds of the american people, there is no substitute for going out and asking them. being one of them with real world experience. actul conversations, with actul hard-working americans. that goes for finding candidates as well. creating a government by, for the people, it means looking in our communities, pta's and service clubs and tea party rallies and city hallings. for people who is willing to
9:35 am
lead. someone who doesn't just preach common sense but lives it. encourage her or him to run for. were you mad as hell and think you have a better way? run yourself. don't let the big consultants and the big bad media scare you off. don't let them invalidate you. don't let them invalidate you. if you have more real world practical experience with family and that is real life. who's worthy and who just doesn't fit the bill. the last thing we need is it washington d.c. vetting our candidates. [ applause ] if these experts who keep
9:36 am
losings elections and keep getting rehired and racking in millions. if they feel that strongly about who run party. buck up or stay in the truck. buck up and run. the architect can head on back to -- they can head on back to the great lone star state and put their name on the ballot for their sake i hope they give themselves a discount on the consulting services. friends, you heard a lot of different voices in the last few days. i am just humbled and grateful to be one of them. i have been so blessed to spend so much . past years getting to know even more of america not from the top down but from the heart looking out . this i know. there is more wisdom and more character and grit and common
9:37 am
sense in the soldiers and in the moms and teachers and laborers and the fire men and fisher men and students and cowboys and other extraordinary americans that i have met along the way than will ever be found in the cocktail parties and powers across the rivers. and if they, us, we the people, the little guyings, we have one message to send to washington, i am sure it would be this: get over yourself. it is not about you. [ applause ] it is about families struggling to find half a million in college tuition. it is it about americans working longer for less. it is about small businesses. our back bone. not knowing from one day to
9:38 am
the next what taxes, what new government mandates we'll get hit with next. it is it about citizens forced to give up more of their hard earned mon yeindependent and power all in exchange for broken promiseless from a rigged system. it is great concern from a president claiming power to direct drones to kill whomever . without accountsability and no power to openut the white house for the school kids who get to go visit for spring break. [ applause ] it is concern over a president that would prioritize not being able to open the white house for the students, but send $250 million to the muslim brotherhood, priority? america, you deserve better
9:39 am
than that. we deserve better than the people who call themselves our leaders and we will not get it unless we are ready to fight and this is one fight that is worth it. if we have faith in we the people. if we teach america's foundation of worg ethic and development much our resources. we believe in the charters that guide us . trust in the opportunity to binds us and know the providential hand that made america and respect the innocent life he will save our movement and with hard work and humility and the grace of our loving god, we will save our country. god bless you, cpac and god bless the united states of america. [ applause ] >> okay, that was former alaska governor sarah palin
9:40 am
wowing the crowds in the cpack conference. it is a launch many argue for the gop primary . we'll find out the results of the straw poll that is held later today and the results will be known later tonight . freshman republican senator ted cruz that will do that live. he introduced sarah palin and he did . he's one of the beneficenceys was her campaigning for him and saying he would not be senator without his support. we'll bring you more cpack conference and we'll go to molly who is standing by with reaction from the crowd there. molly, tell us what people are saying about the future of the republican party and the leadership they are looking forward to? >> hi, uma, they are getting ready for a segment behind me. you will hear movement.
9:41 am
they are talking to the conservatives under the age of 40. sarah palin, the funny moment where she pause reached under the podium and pulled out a big gulp to tweak mayor bloomburg whoments to get rid of the drinks of is that size . sarah palin said we can drink those drinkings. she spoke about not rebranding the party but rebuilding the country. >> we'll check back with you later on. we'll return you to our program cashin' in. we'll see you at the top of the hour with america's news headquarters see you then. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 with schwab's mobile app. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 no wonder schwab bank has grown to over 70 billion in assets. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 so if you're looking for a bank that's in your corner, tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 not just on the corner... tdd#: 1-800-345-2550
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>> i am uma from washington. fox news aout of north korea. they haved a pair of short range missilings and believed to have happened earlier in the week are thought to be retaliation for the u.s. and south korea military drillings. coming up. a report on how the u.s. is stepping up the defense in
9:45 am
case north korea makes good on the threat. pope francis is rolling out his vision for the future. he made a media debut and the main who expected to be a reformer said the church needs to be helpful for the poor and is this be for the poor . harsh words for president obama as top republicans gathered in washington for the cpack. >> i pray for him every day that god will open up his eyes. i sat down with two conserve tiver voices, rick perry and tim scott. the full interview and rest coming up every day. ♪ >> it turnings out green may not be so clean. the amount of co2 in the air manufacturing a electric vehicle is double the amount much making a gas-powered car . depending how many miles it
9:46 am
is, it may not pick up want difference. is the president kidding? >> more spending than green eric. it shows the inherent corruption of the green movement. an electric car creates more co2. we saw that with ethnoil. that the previous green push . that is solar panel that is we spent billions and creates harmful emissions and chemicals . goes to whatment green movement is it about. it is not necessarily helping man. it is hurting nature and the audasity of the governmen forcing you to use technology and taxing you and no help to you. if that is not suicidal i don't know what it is. >> we found out mr. pfisker who took our money decided to
9:47 am
step down. >> i don't know what is going on there. i disagree with john than said about green energy. we neemed it. global warming is it a issue. >> why do you think it is it an issue. >> 99 percent of nobble prize. you and i can debate that. i am not a scientist and neither are you. they agree with me. china is kicking our buts with green energy production. >> i have to push back. >> they are producing. >> what about the subsidies. >> they can do it on their own. >> if we don't do it they will. hold on, guyings. wayne, do we care if china produces a solar panel that electricity at two or fur times the cost. >> anything that uneconomic
9:48 am
the government does. what business are they in the automobile business . they can't run anything right and can't do anything but lose our moan. it is costings -- costs. >> and that is stupid. when it comes economically feasible to do stow industry will do that. if not let somebody else do it. we'll get it from the chinese. >> there is initiative. solyndraabc . on. beacon energy and on. we have thrown billionings of dollars and they are failing. >> wane hit the nail on the head. when it is economic industry am want to make money doing it. government shouldn't be trying to figure it out. it goes back to healthcare and
9:49 am
everything. first and ask questions later. you don't know what you are doing. your job is to protect us and get us off foreign oil. >> mary, the president went to the argon national labs and suggested that we raise two billion from the oil industry to get rid of the oil industry. >> i am happy for green titans to innovate with their money they raised willing leap. physer had the only automobile that broke down in the test because they use the battery we subsidized and i am happy for him to make crappy cars with his own money. don't do it from money you have taken from people. green energy is fine. revolution but do it with your own money. >> it is not green. getting back to the point you started on. electric cars crate more
9:50 am
hazardous waste thran gas counter parts. the whole promise . green revolution was lower emission. >> we have to figure out a way, another way, right. you name it coal or nuclear figure it out . eliminate the industry do it >> you guys this obsessed with the government getting wall street. >> yes. (talking all at once.) >> really. hold on, guyings, stop. we can't blame george bush for this. >> i am not blaming bush for them you want to pick and choose. (talking all at once.) >> i am sorry the government subsidizes the oil industry. >> we'll leave it there . maybe julie in your defense, we all in cashin in is all about smaller. >> what about the oil.
9:51 am
>> they pay over 40 percent in back taxings. >> we'll leave it there. coming up. the tweet and then the phone call. white house calls me about the tours. i will tell you what was said when i picked up the phone next.
9:52 am
>> my tweets causing the white house to call yours truly. find out about how the call went . hundreds of employees stiffing the i.r.s. just as
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
>> after i tweeted the white house to open the people's house. it was the press secretary jay carny. he explained that the president okayed the tours but it was the secret service to blame because they cut the white house staff. do you buy that? >> no, i don't buy any . white house tour decision. even the washington post agreed with me. they decided it it s is transparent. they haven't put a lot on the table. it calculated to make the people feel the pain. >> i feem the pain right up and front and center. >> political. he got up and spoke afterwards and said the people who sweep the floors and mop the floors will lose their jobs because
9:56 am
of sequester and he spend said three million to play golf with tiger woods. if the people can't understand that they can't understand anything. may oar bloomburg takes a dollar a year. this president should lead by example. >> mayor bloomburg is worth a billion. but i am worried about the women on with baby formula . around military bases. they are likewising their jobs. i feel worse for those people. >> we can pick and choose. but they can't be bribed. >> we said it here time and time again. five percent and cut everywhere and don't pick and choose for political purposings. >> this is not the president's house. this is the people's house. we allow this amount of money to be cut so people can't go
9:57 am
on the white house tours and giving thousands of millions to the muslim brotherhood in ejipt. >> and the guys protect the president every day of their lives. we'll say thank you to mary and julie for joining us. >> still ahead. you paid your taxes and how is it that g. workers are guiltying away with not paying theirs. [ male announcer ] this is joe woods' first day of work. and his new boss told him two things -- cook what you love, and save your money. joe doesn't know it yet, but he'll work his way up from busser to waiter to chef bere opening a restaurant specializing in fish and game from the great northwest. he'll start investing early, he'll find se good people to help guide him, and he'll set money aside from his first day of work to his last, which isn't rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade.
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